Gluten Free expo Oct 2016

Gluten Free expo Oct 2016

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2 October 2016 , 10am - 4pm

The Forum, 2 Millenium Plain, Bethel Street, Norwich NR2 1TF

Free to attend gluten free food festival.
Celebrating some of wonderful gluten free produce available in the county.

The Expo was created to raise awareness for the vast number of people that are gluten-free across the region and an opportunity to get your hands on some amazing gluten free products.

Sara Matthews, one of the organisers, said: “The aim of the Expo is to showcase the very best that we have here in East Anglia in terms of ‘free from’ foods. I also really want trade people to come along and see that there is a huge need for gluten-free options to be available in pubs and restaurants across the county and beyond. We have some wonderful ‘free from’ industries across East Anglia and to be able to showcase them all together, in an educational environment, is an amazing thing.”

Running central to the day will be an educational programme, for while the Expo is a great chance for people to be inspired and fill up their larders, the aim is to unite food business and also provide support for allergy awareness.

As this Expo is in October its a great place to grab some Christmas bargains in readiness for the festive season.

The Norfolk & Norwich Coeliac U.K. Support Group will be there offering a wealth of information to those newly diagnosed or wanting to find out more about living a gluten free life and more about the meetup events they have coming up.


There will, as usual, be a number of cookery demonstrations going on during the day including Bread. There will be opportunities to try the delicious dishes cooked by our wonderful guest chefs who will also be sharing their tips on how to cook gluten free and answering any questions you may have.




For a taster of  October 2016 Expo here is a snippet from The Delicate Diner, Samantha Mattocks on the Oct 2015 event…..

…..There were also a number of cookery demonstrations taking place throughout the day. The first of these was from Steve Thorpe, Head of School at Norwich City College, and Charlie Hodson, Executive Chef for The Great Hospital in Norwich and a Norfolk Food and Drink Festival champion. In a highly entertaining demo, they made gluten-free flatbread as well as offering many hints and tips on how to cook the gluten-free way. Later, Charlie assisted Vanessa Scott, from Stratton’s Hotel and Restaurant in Swaffham, as she made a delicious gluten-free brownie that used beetroot among other ingredients. Mention must be made to the lovely Dom, aka The Bhaji Man, whose wonderful way with Indian spices is not to be missed.

Charlie Hodson and Steve Thorpe (right) provided a very entertaining cooking demo p38


Of the stall holders, both Kind Foods and The Norfolk Gluten Free Company were cleared out of fresh supplies in a matter of minutes, underlining the huge need that there is for good products. Indeed, Kind Foods brought three days’ of produce with them, ranging from breads to cakes, quiches and tarts. By 11am, they had sold out of all but a few items, resulting in a mad dash back home to make some more! At 3pm, scones and tarts were back on their stall and the queues began all over again!

Voakes Free From range is highly popular and they do weekly deliveries from Yorkshire to both The Norfolk Gluten Free Company in Norwich and Earsham Street Delicatessen in Bungay. Their range of pork pies is excellent and, like many stallholders, the Voakes team were amazed at how quickly their stock sold, having brought a vast supply for the day.

20151025_144728                      IMG_0777

All the way from Oxford came Casa das Bolitas. Katia sells these absolutely delicious gluten, wheat and yeast-free cheese balls. Bolitas are a popular Brazilian snack, best served cooked from frozen, and a wide range was offered at the Expo. Meltingly delicious, Casa das Bolitas was one of the true hits of the day.

It is worth noting that the best produce all came from those that have to cook in the gluten-free way, not from those doing so as a way to make money. The empty stalls all around were evidence of that, and I shudder to think of how many days and nights of baking went into providing so much food for the hungry hoards.



It was also wonderful to be able to go and buy something to eat and not have to worry! Everything on site was naturally gluten-free and there was no need to panic or second guess. Pepperell’s Meats and Fruit Pig had a steady stream of customers all day, as did Pickle-O-Coffee Co with their coconut milk hot drink options.



Remember the event is free to attend – Looking forward to seeing you in October.


If you are a producer or seller of gluten free products and would like to be involved please email for information on stalls, advertising  or any other queries.