Nutri-Brex for Brunch. By Sara Matthews

I was lucky enough to be invited to the glorious Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch on Saturday for brunch with The Nutri-Brex team and bloggers from the gluten free world.

An early start for us saw us on the 6.30am train to London from Norwich, a bit sleepy eyed but excited for the morning ahead.

What a wonderful location for this delicious brunch. The Hoxton, Shoreditch, London, a fabulous and funky surrounding with a warm and friendly welcome. We were invited into the gorgeous light filled covered garden room, a bright, open and sunny glass ceiling room, filled with plants a perfect location for Brunch on this glorious warm, sunny July day.

Gluten free cereal for me is something I never normally have due to the high sugar content and list of ingredients on the label that I never recognise as food. I had however tried the original Nutribix cereal which reminded me of the Weetabix I ate as a child before I followed a gluten free diet, little bricks lined up in the box like soldiers. I had enjoyed this with warm milk and blueberries over the cold winter months earlier in the year after noticing Nutribix bright pink packet on the shop shelves.

I had also managed to get small taster of the new product- coconut & crispy rice flavour, at its launch at the Allergy Show, Olympia a few weeks ago but, due to the sheer volume of people at the show I was only able to try it with some fruit and milk. So imagine my excitement at the promise of some delicious breakfast recipes made with these products.

Settled with teas and coffees we were introduced to James the CEO of the newly branded Nutri-Brex a young company that only hit our high street shelves in September of last year. James explained how the gluten free cereal trade was in decline due to the problem with nutrients or should I say lack of. He continued to tell us how he wanted to revolutionise gluten free cereal with his products. Promoting the re-branded Nutri-Brex as not only a cereal but as an ingredient. How exciting and we were about to taste some delicious offerings which were made using the cereal in a totally revolutionary way. Reshaping how we all viewed not only gluten free cereal but breakfast.

Before the re-brand Nutribix was not an exclusive gluten free brand but with the new name came the news that this was no longer the case and is now 100% gluten free. The new product in its beautiful bright blue packet temps to be quite delicious. Coconut & crispy rice with a hint of cinnamon, low sugar and made with wholegrain sorghum, an ancient grain hailed as a superfood for its nutritional values and naturally gluten free. Nutri-Brex is 77% wholegrain product which is suitable for coeliacs and health conscious consumers, perfect for those looking to make healthy choices with it being lower sugar than other gluten free cereals on the shelf. High Fibre, High Protein and low fat whats not to like!

We were then introduced to Ceri Jones, a natural chef, food writer and recipe developer from Natural Kitchen Adventures. Like myself many of the attendees would plonk it in a bowl with milk and fruit but Ceri with her wonderful creative flare had created some truly delicious recipes, showing us that this cereal really is an ingredient. Behaving similar to oats Ceri talked us through her recipes. We were then invited to enjoy the amazing brunch banquet that was laid before us. Banana bread using the coconut & crispy rice Nutri-Brex, Granola, blueberry pancakes, wonderful chocolate energy balls teaming up Nutri-Brex with almond butter and a super delicious and my favourite, they tasted like chocolate crispy truffles.The wholegrain bread which was topped with smashed avocado was so full of taste and texture. We also had the product as it is in the packet, cute little bricks, all set beside colourful platters of fresh fruit and choice of milks.  Armed with bowls and plates we tried a little of everything then enjoyed chatting to each other and the Nutri-Brex team while enjoying the amazing food, which I must say was just delicious!

After a wonderful couple of hours, we left with the fabulous gift of a goodie bag full of coconut delights in a gorgeous canvas bag with bright pink writing.

I would like to say a huge Thank you to James and the Nutri-Brex team Sophie, Richard and Daisy and the very talented Ceri for inviting me to come along to this delicious, informative and eye opening brunch. I wish you all the success with your new product.

The new gluten free Nutri-Brex is available from this week in Tesco’s, Ocado, Asda and Waitrose. It’s also soon to be launched through Suma so hopefully we will also see it in smaller shops and health food outlets too. In March 2016 Nutri-Brex was announced as the best breakfast product as well as the overall winner of the Free From Awards. Nutri-Brex is also an accredited product by the Coeliac society and is made in a dedicated 100% gluten free factory.

We were lucky enough to get copies of the recipes so grab yourself a box and head to to try out the wonderful recipes developed by Ceri Jones.

I defiantly recommend the wholegrain bread and energy balls as they were my favourite however my other half liked the pancakes. So, give the recipes a go and let us know which is your favourite, tweet comments & pics with #mynutribrex

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