Peroni Nastro Azzurro Launch new gluten free beer in partnership with Carluccio’s



In September 2016 Peroni Nastro Azzurro launched its new gluten free beer, hoping to deliver the taste of Italy without the gluten, in an exclusive partnership with Carluccio’s.

Responding to the demanding changes of consumer needs, Peroni has created a gluten free Beer to cater for Coeliacs and those following a gluten free diet. The recipe has been perfected involving the use of enzymes to remove the gluten molecules making it safe for coeliacs.

Diners can enjoy Peroni Nastro Azzurro gluten free beer exclusively at Carluccio’s along with the extensive range of gluten free options available on their all-day menu.

The Italian restaurant group received gluten free accreditation from Coeliac UK in 2010 for its all day gluten free dining menu, which is available at 100 sites across the UK . Carluccio’s has been serving up its gluten free pasta since 2008 along which an array of gluten free products available from the deli and food shop.


Here at YGF headquarters we were lucky enough to be sent some Carluccio’s goodies and Peroni Nastro Azzurro to try, so here is what we thought…..

Into the kitchen, where some, as per packet instructions salted water was boiling on the stove and into that went the dried Farmo Pasta Mais e Riso. Earlier we had put the dried mushrooms in a little hot water to soak. This pasta is made from 80% corn flour, 20% rice flour and very yellow when dry. However once cooked it lightened in colour and held its shape unlike many pastas with a high percentage of cornflour. The pasta only took 7 minutes to cook. Just before the pasta was cooked we added the mushrooms and stock , brought back to the boil then drained, then served with a drizzle of the beautiful rich olive oil.

The pasta held its texture and had a pleasant taste, light enough to add other flavours without it being overpowering which can be a problem with corn pasta. Pasta, mushrooms and olive oil- this simple recipe was quick and easy and teamed with the Peroni made for a beautiful Italian lunch and filling too.

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Cherly Cade from Thirst Consultants, YGF’s  Beer Sommelier and specialist in gluten free beers gives us her view on the new Peroni Nastro Azzurri. 


Peroni is a renown Italian Brewery that is well known in the UK for producing a very reliable lager, so it is no surprise that they have teamed up with Carluccio’s to release a Gluten Free version of their beer. This beer is certified by the Italian Coeliac Association.

I tasted this beer chilled so I could experience it warming up and sample how the aromas and flavours developed.

The look of Peroni Nastro Azzuro is spot on for a Mediterranean lager, it is golden yellow with just a hint of green. The head has fine tight bubbles that leave a fine lacing down the side of the glass.

Moving on to the aroma, the first hint is of sweet malts this is then followed by some light grassy notes. Lemon and citrus are present from the hops yet there is also a note of the adjuncts used in the beer, maize and rice.

Flavour wise the taste follows the aroma, soft, sweet, malt bread notes are the first thing to excite the palate. The bright lemon of the hops follows quickly, unfortunately this is then followed by bitterness and slightly cloying mouth feel. If drinking this without food I would personally find this negative aspect too much, but with food it does seem to balance.

This beer is a perfect match to light Italian dishes, delicate Antipasta dishes of Artichoke and lightly salted olives will balance nicely. Chicken, fish and risotto dishes that have creamy sauces will find this beer a joy as it cleans and lifts the gentle notes of each element.

I would not pair this beer with any strong flavoured dishes, like Chorizo or highly herbed tomato dishes. It may also get lost in pesto’s as it does not have a dominate flavour to cut these with.

In most cases is would be able to match a beer with a dessert but the only dessert this could possibly work with would be a slightly tart cheese cake as the malty sweetness of the biscuit base would match beautifully and that bitter note that is unappealing would cut through the sweet, fatty cheese topping.

All in all it is Peroni, a beer that I would enjoy drinking with some food and sitting next to a beach in the sun.


Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free is priced at £4.25 for a 330ml bottle.

If you want to enjoy this beer at home Tesco’s now offer 4 x 330ml bottle pack for £ 6.50


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