Sausage, Bacon & Apple Plait

This is great hot or cold so ideal for those summer picnics or in winter with seasonal veg and onion gravy. The gluten free sausage meat can be obtained from many butchers now and the spices I have used are from Big Skies Food co. a local gluten free food producer. With the sausage meat wrapped topped with caramelised onion and wrapped in bacon with slices of apple this Plait packs a punch with flavours.

If the idea of making your own gluten free puff pastry is a leap too far or you just don’t have the time, you can now buy great frozen gluten free puff pastry in some supermarkets and delis. If using this defrost thoroughly and roll out between two lightly flour dusted sheets of cling film. Do not kneed roll from the block. The flours used can be bought from specialist shops like the green grocer and The Gluten Free company Shop & Café sell it by the gram in dispensers , so no need for waste you just buy what you need. and some larger supermarkets.

For the puff pastry


345g stork block or butter if dairy not an issue, diced and frozen

135g potato starch

135g cornflour

110g rice flour

2tsp xanthan gum

1tsp salt

180ml chilled water.


Place all the dry ingredients in to a food processor and mix until combined. Add the frozen stork/butter and pulse a couple of times until the butter starts to soften slightly. Pour in the water and pulse again until just combined enough that the water has been absorbed. Turn the mixture out on to a large lightly floured sheet of baking parchment and with your hands bring together and kneed just enough to bring together. Place a piece of cling film on top and gently roll the dough to a rectangle shape. Take care not to squish the mixture and press to hard, allow the rolling pin to do the work. Once a rough rectangle shape. Fold the bottom third of the dough to the middle and then fold the top half over to form a small rectangle. Rotate the dough ¼ to your right and gently roll as before. Repeat and fold the bottom third up and the top down and over it. Repeat this process, roll fold turn again. Wrap the pastry in cling film and chill in the fridge for at two hours. Remove from the fridge leave for 15 minutes then repeat the roll, fold turn process twice then return to the fridge wrapped in cling film. Chill for 1 hour. When you are ready to use your pastry remove from fridge and allow 10 minutes to rest at room temperature before using to make it easier to roll without forcing it by pressing hard on the rolling pin.

Filling ingredients.

450g gluten free sausage meat

3heaped tsp Big Skies Food Co seasoning No 11

8 rashers back bacon

2 large white onions sliced

1 heaped tsp coconut oil or other oil for shallow frying e.g. rape seed oil

1 tbsp maple syrup

Two apples cored and sliced.

Pinch Salt and pepper to taste

Egg beaten for glaze


In a frying pan gently fry the onions in the oil until they become clear, add the maple syrup and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes stirring until beautifully brown and caramelised. Set to one side. In a large bowl add the sausage meat and spices pinch salt and pepper and mix thoroughly until combined.

Pre heat the oven to 190oc / Gas mark 5.

Roll out your pastry to a wide rectangle on floured baking parchment. Once rolled out place on a baking sheet. This is because the Platt is difficult to move once assembled and by placing on the baking sheet first you do not have to move it. With your hands form the sausage meat in to a long sausage shape and place in the centre of the pastry from top to bottom of the shortest width leaving a small border of pastry about 1-2 cm top and bottom, flatten meat mixture slightly with your hands. Make sure the pastry is wide enough that it can be folded over the filling with enough to overlap.  On top of the sausage meat place the layer of the caramelised onion. Cut the bacon rashers in half and cover the onions with them. Layering slightly as the bacon will shrink slightly. On top of the bacon layer the sliced apple. You should now have 4 layers of ingredients down the centre of the pastry. Horizontally down each side of the pastry cut to make ribbons. Fold in the top and bottom to encase each end, then starting from the top fold the left hand side ribbon over the filling slightly diagonally the fold the opposite side. Repeat again folding alternate sides until all the pastry has been folded. Brush the pastry with the egg to give a glaze and help with the colour. Bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes. If the top starts to brown too much cover with a piece of tin foil. Remove from the oven and allow to cool a little before transferring to a cooling rack to cool completely. Serve hot or cold.


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