St Peters- The First For East Anglia

For my first Gluten Free Beer Blog I thought I would look at one of the first in the area.

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I first visited this brewery in the lovely countryside of Suffolk in 1999 when it was quite young and they did a lot by hand, at that time no one talked about Gluten Free beer and if it was available. How things have changed.


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St Peters Brewery- Image from DrinkBritain


The brewery its self is sited next to the Old St Peters Hall, built in the 1200’s it also has stone extensions reclaimed from the Monastery that was nearby during the reign of Henry 8. This building is worth a visit even if you don’t like beer. The beautiful old beams and pond are a delight to sit around and relax on a summer’s day.




Back to the beer! The brewery draws all of its water from its own well and this water makes for good quality traditional beers, harking back to the origins of the hall itself. For the 2 beers that St Peters brew that are Gluten Free they use Sorgham malt so there is no need for chemicals to be added. You get a totally natural product.

I must confess a liking to the St Peters Dark. I find it hard to tell that it is 3.9% as the mouth feel makes you think that it is slightly stronger. It has a touch of rich marmalade even soft fruity port nose and after taste.



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Yet it also has a balancing bitterness from the Sovereign hops and burnt grains. When thinking about food this lovely bitterness cuts through anything that is fruit sweet but should never be paired with dark chocolates as the bitterness builds. It also is great with a steak pie and roast potatoes



Moving on to the Blond, this beer is slightly stronger than the Dark but its light taste and body hides this very well. It is crisp, clean and has notes of citrus fruits. This resembles a lager in colour and has that feeling to it when you taste it. Its clear clean notes mean that it pairs very well with, salad, chicken and fish dishes, it also matches well with Thai foods


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If you like the sound of these beers or the area why not have a look at our day tour to St Peters Brewery and Bungay- go to our events page for more information on our day trip

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